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Allen Matkins attorneys do pro bono work for a simple but compelling reason: to make the legal system accessible and fair, especially to the poor and disadvantaged and to the nonprofit organizations that serve them.

Through our valued partnerships with public interest and legal aid organizations, we have assisted individuals in proceedings involving adoption, guardianship and foster care; immigration and asylum; and matters involving breach of contract, debt relief and unlawful detainer. Additionally, we have provided pro bono legal assistance to a variety of nonprofit institutions in business and real estate matters such as leasing, purchase and sale, and contract disputes as well as in litigation arising out of advocacy work conducted by one of our partner agencies on behalf of foster youth.

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Pro Bono Videos

Allen Matkins attorneys work with Public Counsel to secure adoptions for families in Los Angeles
Our Pro Bono Program In Action: Allen Matkins attorneys work with Public Counsel to secure adoptions for families in the Los Angeles area.
Emily Murry discusses the importance of pro bono work at Allen Matkins
Allen Matkins Pro Bono Committee Chair, Emily Murray discusses the firm's commitment to the community through the pro bono program and the variety of pro bono cases our attorneys are handling.

 Allen Matkins Challenges Community Colleges Over Foster Youth Restrictions
Our Pro Bono Program In Action: Allen Matkins attorneys work with the Alliance for Children’s Rights to provide foster youth better access to college.


Human Rights First honored Allen Matkins attorneys Peter Griffin, Emily Murray, Andrea Reynoso, and paralegal George Lopez with the 2016 Pro Bono Star Award. The team was recognized for their work on behalf of a political activist and her five-year-old son who fled to the U.S. from El Salvador seeking asylum after threats from a gang member with ties to a rival political party.

Western Justice Center awarded Allen Matkins the Defender of Justice award in 2016. The award recognizes law firms that demonstrate a continuous and distinguished record of supporting alternative dispute resolution, public service and community involvement. Allen Matkins has been a proud partner of WJC for over a decade with attorneys Marv Garrett and Emily Murray serving in leadership roles as well as providing pro bono legal advice to WJC's Haven Social Network.

A special thank you to the Allen Matkins attorneys, paralegals and summer law clerks who supported the firm’s pro bono program in 2016.

Keith Bishop, Jed Bonner, Jessica Chu, Andrea Clay, David Cooke, Sara Cramton, Joshua del Castillo, Marissa Dennis, Alexander Doherty, Joseph Dzida, Christa Eilers, Barry Epstein, Stephen Etheredge, Nancy Fong, Amalia Goldvaser, Peter Griffin, Mark Hartney, Julie Hoffman, Jared Kassan, Yale Kim, Julia Lewitt, George Lopez, Susan Maunu, Richard Miltimore, Emily Murray, Paul Nash, Gregory Noblitt, Loraine Pedowitz, Cheryl Prell, Lauren Racanelli, Natalie Rad, Andrea Reynoso, Peter Roth, Rachel Sanders, Ashley Sarkozi, Andrea Schoor, Francis Scollan, Jennifer Shakouri, Maxwell Shapiro, Allison Shrallow, Stephen Thames, Marshall Wallace, Eric Yang, Melissa Zonne

Allen Matkins Pro Bono
  • We honor our responsibility as attorneys to provide pro bono legal services to those unable to pay and to organizations seeking to improve the legal system and access to justice.
    - David Osias, Managing Partner, Allen Matkins


Murray Emily

Emily L. Murray


Chair, Pro Bono Committee

Los Angeles

(213) 955-5584
Bauer Brian R

Brian R. Bauer

Senior Counsel

Orange County

(949) 851-5491
Barry H. Epstein

Barry H. Epstein


San Francisco

(415) 273-7469
Holmes Michael J

Michael J. Holmes


San Diego

(619) 235-1552
Paul Nash

Paul W. Nash


San Francisco

(415) 273-7475
Osias David L

David L. Osias

Managing Partner

San Diego

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Prell Cheryl S

Cheryl S. Prell


Century City

(310) 788-2450

Rachel M. Sanders


Los Angeles

(213) 955-5539
Shekhter Morgan A

Morgan A. M. Shekhter


San Diego

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