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Allen Matkins Legal Alert 1/10/2019
Ninth Circuit Decides Issue of First Impression Regarding Referral Fees Paid from a Ponzi Scheme
Environmental & Natural Resources Legal Alert 1/10/2019
Amendments to the CEQA Guidelines Now In Effect
Are You Ready for the Next Downturn?
Environmental & Natural Resources Legal Alert 12/21/2018
Update to the CEQA Guidelines
Real Estate Legal Alert 12/18/2018
After Foreclosure, New Owners Must Perfect Title Before Serving a Three-Day Notice to Quit
Real Estate Legal Alert 12/13/2018
Reverse Veil Piercing May Be Used to Reach an LLC's Assets
Allen Matkins Legal Alert 12/12/2018
California Court of Appeal Clarifies Critical Homeowner Bill of Rights Satisfaction Requirement
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 12/11/2018
2019 Labor & Employment Law Update for California Employers
Allen Matkins Legal Alert 12/3/2018
Appellate Decision Underscores Title Review as Critical to Lien Priority
Environmental & Natural Resources Legal Alert 11/14/2018
Businesses Required to Post Prop 65 Warnings for Two New Chemicals
Real Estate Legal Alert 11/6/2018
California Expands the Use of Defibrillators in Buildings
Real Estate Legal Alert 10/17/2018
Changes to California's Unlawful Detainer Action Response Times
Real Estate Legal Alert 10/16/2018
Top 10 Takeaways from the 2018 Allen Matkins View From the Top
Real Estate Legal Alert 10/5/2018
Appellate Court Narrows the Scope of the Sham Guaranty Defense
Environmental & Natural Resources Legal Alert 9/17/2018
Groundwater Pumpers Beware: The Public Trust Doctrine is Lurking
Allen Matkins Legal Alert 8/27/2018
California Supreme Court Upholds Referendum Challenges to Zoning Amendments, Even When Temporary Zoning Inconsistencies Ensue
Real Estate Legal Alert 8/22/2018
Are You Ready for the Next Downturn? Ninth Circuit “Cramdown” Cases Affecting Real Estate Lenders
Real Estate Legal Alert 8/8/2018
Are You Ready for the Next Downturn? A Lender May Be Able to Both Foreclose on a Senior Lien and Seek a Deficiency on a Junior Lien
Environmental & Natural Resources Legal Alert 6/20/2018
Are You Ready for the New Prop 65 Warnings? What Commercial Property Owners and Businesses Need to Understand to Be Prepared
Real Estate Legal Alert 6/15/2018
California Commercial Building Owners Required to Submit Energy Use Disclosures by June 1, 2018
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 5/29/2018
U.S. Supreme Court Waves Goodbye to Class Actions
Allen Matkins Legal Alert 5/10/2018
Momentum Growing in the Effort to Adopt a Uniform Receivership Law
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 5/4/2018
California Supreme Court Appears to Buck Decades of Authority Regarding Independent Contractors
Corporate Legal Alert 3/21/2018
U.S. Supreme Court Decides Federal Securities Act Class Actions May be Brought in State Courts
Real Estate Legal Alert 2/22/2018
Action Required: Deadline Approaches for Installation of Water-Conserving Plumbing Fixtures in Commercial and Multifamily Properties
Legal Alerts 1 - 25 of 299