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New Law Gives Eviction Tenants More Response Time

Paul W. Nash in (November 19, 2018) Assembly Bill 2343 is a new California law that gives tenants more time to respond to notices and summons in connection with unlawful detainer eviction proceedings. In this exclusive, Paul Nash, an attorney in the San Francisco office of Allen Matkins, outlines some of the specifics about the law. What is the current law regarding unlawful detainer actions?
Nash: The current law states that a tenant has three calendar days following the receipt of a notice from their landlord to fix a lease violation. This could include paying overdue rent or correcting any other breach of the lease. If the tenant does not remedy the violation within these three days, he or she must vacate the leased premises. The tenant also has five calendar days following a service of summons to respond to an eviction lawsuit, i.e., an unlawful detainer action, filed by the landlord.