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Today's manufacturing sector faces an increasingly complex legal and regulatory environment. We support our manufacturing clients with a full range of legal services, informed by their unique and evolving challenges.

We provide legal services to clients that produce a wide variety of products including: apparel and accessories; consumer products; electronics and technology; energy and refining; food, beverage and agriculture, medical devices and many others

Our lawyers assist with business transactions, regulatory compliance and dispute resolution. 

Business Transactions: We facilitate entity formation, financing, licensing, initial public offerings, mergers and acquisitions, and restructuring. We draft and negotiate agreements to purchase, sell, or lease manufacturing and retail facilities and counsel clients on the due diligence associated with these transactions. 

Regulatory: We guide environmental compliance and permitting activities to help clients complete work under multiple layers of regulation and oversight. We counsel employers on human resource issues, policies and procedures. 

Dispute resolution: We resolve disputes promptly, efficiently and in a manner consistent with their business objectives. When our manufacturing clients are sued - or when they need to pursue their rights against others - our litigators and employment lawyers represent them in negotiations, mediations, lawsuits, enforcement actions, administrative proceedings, government audits and arbitrations under all laws applicable to their business, products, properties, and employees.